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Elect joe Profit to Represent GA 6th District

✔ Quality Healthcare and Lower Prescription Drug Costs Strong Safety & Security Policies

✔ Immigration Reform Better Education system

✔ Middle-Class Tax Cuts


Because he has made the journey

The son of a proud sharecropper, joe grew up in one of the nation`s poorest counties. Hard work, determination and commitment brought him success on the football field and in business.

joe Knows How to Get Results:

As a star high school and college football player, and as a first round NFL draft pick by the Atlanta Falcons, joe knew teamwork was the key to scoring touchdowns. In business, he built teams to achieve success. In Congress, he`ll use his teambuilding skills to deliver positive results for the 6th District and the nation.

joe Knows Business:

After retiring from the NFL, joe built his company, Gourmet Profit, Inc., into one of the most successful franchise operations in the state. He then went on to become the founder and CEO of a $100 million multimedia company which provided over 800 jobs to people in 37 states and nine countries, and was ranked by INC. 500 Magazine as one of America`s fastest-growing private companies for three consecutive years.

joe Knows About Giving Back:

joe founded Legends & Kids, Second Chance, and Youth United for Prosperity- programs that have helped kids to succeed.

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Uniquely Qualified to serve

joe has national leadership experience in supporting two sitting Presidents of the United States - President Ronald Reaganand President George H. W. Bush. He will bring that strong support to the House of Representatives for President Donald J. Trump.

joe was appointed to several positions of trust including:

✔ Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta;

✔ Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Small Business Advisory Committee;

✔ International Trade Board Subcommittee for Policy;

✔ White House Small Business Advisory Committee;

✔ U.S. Department of Transportation Advisory Board.

joe was featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and INC. 500 Magazine, as the founder of one of America`s fastest growing private companies. He received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Ernst & Young, and was inducted into the Business and Professional Hall of Fame.


joe`s priorities are YOUR priorities.

✔ Healthcare - Supports coverage for pre-existing conditions, lower prescription drug costs, and keeping children on the family policy longer.

✔ Education - Families should be able to choose the best option to educate their children so they have access to the best opportunities. Reform U.S. Department of Education to help state school systems instead of hindering them.

✔ Safety & Security - Protect our borders, support our military, our veterans and national defense, and enforce our constitutional mandate for LEGAL immigration.

✔ Protecting Life - We need to protect life at all stages. Laws permitting late-term abortions in some states have changed the dialogue and added new challenges. We need to develop better programs for both pre-natal and senior care.

✔ Infrastructure - America is once again a pro-growth story. Infrastructure neglect is a consequence of unnecessary rules and regulations. We must put states back in the driver`s seat so they can serve and be held accountable.

✔ Provide tax relief for the Middle Class -The great American comeback would not be complete without rewarding the economy`s beast of burden, America`s Middle Class. It`s time to reduce their taxes.

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1st & Goal for America

In the NFL, teamwork is the key to success. That`s also true in Congress; but in the current environment, teamwork has become an intra-team offensive play with one side fighting against the other. That`s no way to get to the goal line, and it`s no way for Congress to serve the country.

joe Profit is leading the team to put teamwork back in Congress. The team`s focus is on bringing people together who are interested in getting things done to benefit our country.

As your Representative, I will:

✔ Work with other Representatives to bring positive changes to the nation and the 6th District

✔ Stand strong for protecting your Constitutional rights, improving safety and security, helping business thrive, improving education, and developing sensible healthcare options

✔ Have regular town hall meetings in each of our 3 counties and return all constituent emails and phone calls within 48 hours.

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