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COVID-19 Essential Information

COVID-19 Challenges

The coronavirus referred to as COVID-19 is especially challenging:

*much about it is still unknown

*its impact on individuals ranges from no symptoms to death.

What is widely known about COVID-19 is:

80-85% of people who are infected have no symptoms or light symptoms. These people are the most dangerous because they are unsuspected spreaders of the virus.

The average incubation period ranges from 2

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Our Plan For Staying Safe

Americans have a long history of coming together in time of crisis. I’m confident that in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, Americans will once again set aside their political and philosophical differences and work together to get our nation through the current challenge.

As we continue to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), and while the Joe Profit for Congress campaign remains committed to taking back the 6th Congressional District and improving our community

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Border Security

This is an issue that is being tossed about like a football. (I’m all in favor of the game of football, but I’m not in favor of treating serious subjects like a game. Securing is essential to protecting our citizens from drug gangs, sex traffickers, career criminals and most recently- from people infected with the coronavitrus (COVID-19). Securing our borders is a policy every American should support. Our country was built by immigrants, but since 1790, Congress has exercised its

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America is a nation on the move, yet our transportation infrastructure has been neglected. In many cases, neglect is a consequence of unnecessary rules and regulations that make road construction.

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Why I'm Running for Congress

I’m running for Congress to represent the 6th District because I want to put my experience, conservative values and team-building skills to work solving problems- for our district and the nation. I guarantee that I can put together a Congressional team that will get Congress back on track, working for the people we serve. I’ve done that in the NFL. I’ve done that in business, I’ve done that in Georgia and I’ll do that

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Personalized Healthcare

Joe Profit believes in putting YOU, not the BIG INSURANCE COMPANIESor THE GOVERNMENTin charge of your healthcare. He wants to limit and roll back government regulation that often results in either the government or insurance companies getting between you and your doctor.


Protection for Pre-Existing Conditions

Joe Profit will always protect those c

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The U.S. Department of Education must be reformed to help state school systems instead of hindering them.  Education opens so many doors, and families must be able to choose the best option to educate their children so they will have access to the best opportunities.

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Criminal Justice Reform

All too often, our justice system is unjust. We need to be tough on crime, but we also need to focus on prevention and recidivism.

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Immigration Policies

Our immigration policy is long overdue for updating. This nation was built on immigrants, and continues to require the talents, skills, and diversity of immigrants from around the world who are seeking the promises and opportunities of the American Dream.

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Senior Services

People are living longer and staying active longer than ever before. We need to redesign and update our programs to better serve the needs of today’s senior population.