Personalized Healthcare

Joe Profit believes in putting YOU, not the BIG INSURANCE COMPANIESor THE GOVERNMENTin charge of your healthcare. He wants to limit and roll back government regulation that often results in either the government or insurance companies getting between you and your doctor.


Protection for Pre-Existing Conditions

Joe Profit will always protect those citizens with pre-existing conditions. Those with existing serious chronic illness that require very expensive medical care. Individuals and families should be able to obtain insurance in the private market without financial discrimination. Insurers can then participate in re-insurance high risk pools of these patients.


Expand Healthcare Savings Accounts

These tax-free dollars can be spent on direct medical care, an example would be a “concierge” medical plan with no premiums or insurance provider needed. Great alternative for younger healthier patients. Employers can get tax deduction for contributing dollars into these accounts for their employees. This benefit was part of President Trumps Covid-19 response, but it was by executive order, not codified in legislation.


Protecting the Uninsured

There will likely always be people without private coverage who have medical conditions.

  • Protect pre-existing conditions (expanded high risk pools)
  • Expanded COBRA
  • Expanded tax credits for HSAs
  • Creation of network of community health clinics affiliates with health provider education programs



Medicare for All


Joe believes that “Medicare for All” will result in “Decreased Healthcare for Everyone”. Medicare was designed to protect our elderly citizens. Joe is concerned that adding millions of younger people into Medicare will result in fewer conditions being covered and higher Medicare Advantage Plan premiums.


It will also place greater financial strain on the Medicare System which will likely cause decreased reimbursements for doctors. Paying less will accelerate even more quality doctors leaving the practice of medicine at a time when the increase in the elderly population demands more providers.


Obamacare didn’t work

The ACA exchange creates a perverse incentive that insurers try to attract healthier people through low premiums and discourage the sick with high deductibles and limited provider networks.


Joe believes that Private Insurers can provide coverage options for even the smallest businesses to provide healthcare coverage through pooled insurance programs. “Local Exchanges” were a disaster under Obamacare. Keep lower wage workers off Medicaid.


Increasing the number of Physicians Nationwide

What does it say about our country that there are almost twice as many law schools as medical schools in the US?The population of persons over 60 years old is still growing. We need more doctors, especially primary care doctors now more than ever.


As a Caring Conservative, Joe will sponsor legislation to expand the number of medical seats and maintain 95% of these seats are available to US citizens only.  Medical School Loan forgiveness program to staff community health clinics.



End Surprise Medical Billing


So-called “surprise medical billing” results from insurance companies refusing to pay for medical services provided to them by “out-of-network” doctors. The most common way this happens is when a patient is treated in an emergency room and there is no chance to pre-authorize these services with the insurance company since the patient is usually transported to the nearest ER. The insurer then refuses to pay the charges and the patient gets a bill for hundreds or thousands of dollars for ER physician charges or anesthesiologist services.


Sen. Perdue is currently being featured in a television ad campaign that promises to “end surprise medical billing”. These approximately $30M ads are paid for by several “Wall Street” venture capital firms that bought out the largest Emergency Physician practices in the country. Most hospitals contract out their ER physician services to these firms. What the ad doesn’t tell you is that the “solution” promoted


These claims should be paid directly by the insurers at a rate equal to the average reimbursement in the local region where the hospital is located. This requires no additional bureaucracy, no lawyers, mediators or arbitrators, and best of all, the patient is never presented with the “surprise bill”.


This would be the best patient centered solution and we hope Sen. Perdue agrees with us and stops siding with the venture capitalists.



Lowering Healthcare Costs


When elected, Joe will introduce “The Medical Education and Community Healthcare Access Act”

The Problem: Too many people (often uninsured and illegal immigrants) use emergency Room Services for Non-Emergency Situations. This takes up valuable medical resources that may best used elsewhere. It also dramatically drives up the costs of healthcare. This is especially important now, as our medical professionals are fighting the coronavirus.


Joe’s Solution:

Make staffing community health clinics a part of every medical school, nursing school and physician assistant curriculum. This is not a government run program. It will be a public-private partnership where medical schools, private corporations, local communities, religious institutions and philanthropists will team togetherto:

  • Provide physical clinic facilitiesstaffed with medical students, residents, nurses and physician extenders (i.e. physician assistants, nurse practitioners)
  • Make these community clinics a part of every private insurer network
  • Amend current ER treatment regulations to allow hospital emergency departments to re-route very low risk patients with minor conditions to the Community Clinic System.


Team with the largest Urgent Care Providers to provide facilities for


Reduce the practice of “Defensive Medicine”

  • Tort reform

Doctors and hospitals often order all types of tests to avoid lawsuits and second-guessing. Often a patient will see multiple specialists over a period of time who duplicate these tests, driving up costs.

  • Malpractice award caps{research effect on CA}



Expanding Personal Healthcare Savings Accounts (PHSAs)

  • Allow PHSA dollars to “rollover” at year end, in essence creating a “Healthcare IRA”.
  • Convert Trump executive order into legislation to allow sole proprietors and small businesses to contribute to these accounts with pre-tax dollars, decreasing their business tax load.


Long-term Care Protection Accounts

  • Create a special class of PHSAs where pre-tax dollars can be saved, and used to purchase long-term care insurance


Elimination of Certificate of Need Laws. (Such a bill failed in this year’s Georgia legislative session).

CON laws create perverse incentives and unintended negative outcomes.

  • It decreases the number of acute care beds in rural areas and concentrates medical care in urban and suburban areas.
  • Causes rural patients to travel unreasonable distances for quality care.
  • Limits competition among hospitals which would drive down costs.
  • One reason why there are limited number of ICU beds during the corona crisis.


Use the Power of Technology to lower Healthcare Costs

Remove all barriers to payment by Medicare and Medicaid and private insurers to allow private businesses to develop platforms to allow doctors to diagnose and treat patients via Telemedicine.

As a result of coronavirus measures, the Trump administration has used executive authority to


More Transparent Pricing



Lowering Insurance Deductibles and Premiums




Lowering the Cost of Prescription Drugs/Security of National Key Pharmaceuticals


Creation of a Pharmaceutical Research Park in the 6th District

Joe will work to create a public-private partnership with the CDC, FDA and HHS to create

  • A strategic pharmaceutical warehouse and distribution facility in the 6th District to eliminate our country’s reliance on foreign, often unfriendly manufacturers of key drugs such as antibiotics and antivirals. Atlanta is a key strategic hub for distribution throughout the southeastern US.
  • A pharmaceutical research Park in conjunction with Emory, Georgia State and Georgia Tech and Incentivize Pharmaceutical Companies to focus on


“America First Drug Pricing Act”

Joe believes that drug companies should not be charging US patients more that patients in other countries for the same medication.

Drug companies will have to provide established drugs (those in the market for greater than 3 years)

FDA to prevent drug companies from modifying existing generic drugs and reintroduce them under patent protection at much higher consumer prices.


Responsible Immigration Policy


Illegal immigrants create intense financial pressure on our healthcare systems. They are often uninsured and frequently utilize emergency services for non-emergent medical situations.



Coronavirus and National Emergency


Joe supports the Trump administration’s common-sense healthcare reforms which have mostly been done through executive orders.


Emergency Portability for citizens affected by Coronavirus

As a Caring Conservative, Joe is concerned about people losing health insurance coverage.

Anyone who loses healthcare coverage because of job changes or inability to pay premiums due to coronavirus would be eligible for:

  • Tax credits for co-payments and premiums during their coronavirus treatment
  • Insurers would be prohibited from discriminating
  • Extend the COBRA eligibility period for one additional year and defer COBRA premiums for up to six months.