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Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee.

From Dr. Joe Profit 
Congressional District 6
Dear pro-life voter,

If we are to protect life, it is essential that we defeat Lucy McBath and return conservative Republican leadership to Georgia's 6th Congressional District.

I was recently endorsed by former Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory. In his letter of endorsement, Senator Guillory included this very appropriate statement by Dr. Ben Carson, HUD Secretary, that speaks to many of the issues we face in this election, including the right to life issue:

"People want to put Blacks in a box and insist that they think one way, and if they don't, they attack them as illegitimate." (Dr. Ben Carson)

After decades of being a red district, a virtually unknown Democrat defeated the Republican incumbent in 2018 and turned the district blue.

Now our job is to gear up to defeat McBath, and I believe I am the best candidate to do that. If Karen Handel could not hold on to the seat as the incumbent, there's no way for her to win as a challenger to the same person who beat her two years ago. Remember the old saying, insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Liberals do not want to see my name on the ballot in November.
They would rather have McBath face the loser she beat two years ago.

And they are doing exactly what Dr. Carson stated, working behind the scenes to convince Republican voters that I'm not a legitimate candidate.

I need your help to battle the liberal forces working against issues you and I believe in! If we are going to turn the 6th District red again, I need your vote. And I need whatever support you can provide. 

I have also been endorsed by the Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee. In their endorsement, GRTL stated, "...Joe Profit, the GRTL PAC is honored to endorse you for Georgia Congressional District 6 in the June 9,2020 Primary Election." 

Together, we can win this race, give you the kind of representation and accountability you expect and put another conservative in Congress to help President Trump in putting America, and Americans, first.

Thank you for your support! 

Dr. Joe Profit

P.S. I have a long history of working to elect Republicans and served as Chairman of "Blacks for Reagan". For more information contact us at info@joeprofitforcongress.com or by telephone to (770) 680-4491. 

Dr. Profit served as Chairman of "Blacks for Reagan"

The Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee is pleased to endorse Dr. Joe Profit to represent Congressional District
6 in the Primary Election on
June 9. 

With a firm pro-life stance, we look for Dr. Joe Profit to be a strong voice for life in Congress. 
For more information visit his website at  www.joeprofitforcongress.com

Dr. Profit said: "As a Congressman, I will support and introduce legislation that will protect the pre-born child. The fetus should come to term - whether conceived by rape, promiscuity, or holy matrimony. Those lives are equally valuable. 
Personhood starts at conception with the beginning of life, and I believe that personhood should be protected. I have been pro-life throughout life". 

Remember to vote as if
someone's life  
depends on it - because it does!

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The Purpose of the Georgia Right to Life PAC

The fundamental purpose of the Georgia Right to Life Political Action Committee (PAC) is to engage in actions that will restore respect and effective legal protection for all innocent human beings from earliest biological beginning until natural death.

The Georgia Right to Life PAC strives to educate Georgians engaged in the political process at every level about the fact that a human person has dignity and value by virtue of the fact that we are created in the image of a personal benevolent God. This means that all human life must be respected and protected regardless of race, sex, age or condition of dependency.

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