America is a nation on the move, yet our transportation infrastructure has been neglected. In many cases, neglect is a consequence of unnecessary rules and regulations that make road construction and repair overly complex, time consuming and expensive.  We must put states back in the driver’s seat so they who are most accountable to the […]


REGULATION ANS SAFETY We all want a clean, healthy, and safe environment to live in. But excessive regulation reduces job creation and economic growth for a little to no environmental benefit. The White House, Congress and federal agencies routinely ignore costs, exaggerate benefits, and break or legislative and constitutional boundaries when enacting environmental regulations. The […]

Border Security

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION This is an issue that is being tossed about like a football. (I’m all in favor of the game of football, but I’m not in favor of treating a serious problem like a game.) Increasing border security is NOT an anti-immigration policy: it’s a domestic safety and security issue, and it favors legal […]

Affordable Housing

All people deserve to live with dignity in a safe and affordable environment. We can achieve this by promoting an integrated approach by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment and expand economic opportunities for middle-class families in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.

Over Regulation

We all want clean, healthy, and safe environments to live in. But excessive regulation reduces job creation and economic growth with little to no environmental benefit in return. Requiring unnecessary licensing is an expense the keeps entrepreneurs and start-ups on the sidelines or out of the game. Federal agencies routinely ignore costs, exaggerate benefits, and […]

Second Amendment

The second Amendment right of American to “keep and bear arms” is essential to be a free society. Incidents of violence committed by dangerous or unhinged individual’s provoke understandable revulsion and grief. However, lawmakers should not rush to create new laws that violate constitutional rights while ignoring the real root cause of complex societal problems […]

Justice Reform Policy

The moral campus of our nation is greatly challenged with our criminal justice system. We need common sense reform that respects the rule of law, while at the same time respecting the rule of common human decency. With 180,000+ people incarcerated in US federal prisons, our prison population is growing at an astonishing rate while […]

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