We need bridge building.  I am committed to bringing the district together and decreasing divisiveness in Washington and at home.  I will lead with good policy that makes a real difference for people.  Struggling Moms and budding entrepreneurs in District 7 don’t want to be outside looking in as the Nation economically prospers.  That’s my focus.  The fact is we are doing better nationwide.

  1. 2 million plus jobs have been created. Nationwide, businesses are hiring.
  2. CEO confidence is at a 21 year high. Investment capital for start-ups is flowing again.
  3. The choke hold of regulations on small business is being loosened and YES WE CAN do more to reduce restrictive occupational licensing.
  4. Illegal Immigration, that drives down wages and unfairly competes with American citizens for jobs is being curtailed. My District needs those jobs to be available and available at better wages.
  5. Black unemployment has dropped to all time lows. We need high paying employment in District 7.
  6. We’ve got new opportunity to save money from the new tax bill.

We must Reduce Deficit Spending and Put People to Work in Good Paying Jobs. We must get economic development growing in our district.

People in the district need to benefit from all this and I will make sure both parties in Washington make Georgians in my District their priority.