Education Policy

The U.S. Department of Education must be reformed to help state school systems instead of hindering them.  Education opens so many doors, and families must be able to choose the best option to educate their children so they will have access to the best opportunities.

Every family deserves the chance to choose the education that best fits his or her child’s unique learning needs. Decisions about education and spending are best made on state and local level when possible and administered properly and justly.

For the most part, children in the United States are trapped in neighborhood schools that are underfunded and neglected. Federally managed schools simply don’t work.  We can and will do better.

Parents should have the opportunity to send their children to various learning environments that fit their budgets, and their children’s needs and career aspirations.

I will influence policy across political parties to bring resources and cooperation with educational leaders in Georgia and the 7th district.

Breaking the accreditation Cartel would allow students to escape expensive, 4 Year, full-degree programs to chart their own path.