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My Stance on Key Issues


Socialized medicine is not the answer. I will push members of Congress to stop posturing and get serious about getting government out of the healthcare...

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Criminal Justice Reform

All too often, our justice system is unjust. We need to be tough on crime, but we also need to focus on prevention and recidivism...

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The U.S. Department of Education must be reformed to help state school systems instead of hindering them. Education opens so many doors, and families...

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Border Security / Illegal Immigration

This is an issue that is being tossed about like a football. (I’m all in favor of the game of football, but I’m not in favor of treating a serious problem like a game....

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Immigration Policy

Our immigration policy is long overdue for updating. This nation was built on immigrants, and continues to require the talents, skills, and diversity of....

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America is a nation on the move, yet our transportation infrastructure has been neglected. In many cases, neglect is a consequence of...
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Senior Services

People are living longer and staying active longer than ever before. We need to redesign and update our programs to better serve the needs of today’s...

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CEO /Entrepreneur @ Strands of Beauty

Cara Sugri

Ethena is an alumna of Arizona State University with a BS in Liberal Studies. Prior to working in the beauty industry full-time, Ethena received awards and recognition during her service as a sworn police officer in Atlanta, GA.

Partner @ Nations Capital Asurety

Ray Ortega

Sales and marketing of Energy products to Federal, State and Local Agencies. Ray manages the Financial portion of the Company including negotiating contracts with Federal Agencies as well as maintaining financial records.

Chairman of the Board @ American United Bank

P.I. Joy

A serial entrepreneur with over 28 years of extensive business experience encompassing IT, Automotive, Banking, Real Estate, and Investment industries. Joy hopes to make a difference in the lives of others.

Technology Evangelist @ InfluenceMine

David Werner

David is no stranger when it comes to creating innovative Internet technologies; he has made a living in the space for over twenty years. David is a consultant, trainer, speaker, chairperson and seminar leader. 

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"Hi Joe .. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to your visits here in Tucker. . You are absolutely one of the most impressive people that I have ever met. You have been extremely successful in everything you have done and I am positive that you will do a great job when you become our congressman."
Charlie Patterson
Your statement, “I’m not interested in pointing fingers- I’m interested in solving problems.” Is spot on. We need more people in Washington who think that way.
Dave Emanuel
"Get out and Vote Joe he stays on the Go for Progress.Known him Since 1967 and I could always count on him to do Right Thing."
Donald E. Warren
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